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  1. Contact Us – Do you have farm energy interests and questions?

    Call us to discuss at 413-727-3090 or Submit a Request Form and we will contact you.

  2. Get Ideas & Learn about your Options.

    Our Farm Energy Best Management Practice guides (BMPs) walk through energy efficiency and renewable energy considerations for farms in the Northeast. Visit our Technical Resources to explore these guides.

  3. Take advantage of immediate cost savings

    Check out the Farm Energy Discount Program, as well as energy conservation and Time-Of-Use practices.

  4. Assess your energy use and opportunities

    Get a farm energy audit or assessment. An energy audit or assessment gives you a snapshot of where energy is being used on your farm — essential information for making a plan and getting the financial support to make farm systems more efficient, or integrate renewable energy technologies. Visit our Get an Energy Audit page to learn about what type of audit will work best for you.

  5. Start saving energy and money through efficiency and renewable energy

  • Review your audit to make informed decisions about purchases and installation.
  • Contact an installer, obtain and finalize price estimates, and confirm availability.
  • Identify financial incentives to help pay for energy efficiency projects.

Find more info on our Get Funding page.

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